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Don Burris, Founder of IDPCS, Helps Rescue Art Looted by the Nazis

You may know him from one of the greatest legal stories of all time--the Supreme Court Altmann case for which Don spent many years as Randy Schoenberg’s right-hand man in seeking some justice for Maria Altmann in the federal courts for the Nazi looting of a number of virtually priceless works belonging to Maria’s uncle, Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer. The background story was captured very well in the classic film “Woman in Gold” which starred Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren. Since their 3-0 victory in the final Austrian arbitration proceeding, Randy has turned his attention to philanthropic activities and Don has become the “voice of the firm,” presenting almost 80 talks about his continuing work all over the United States and Canada and in at least seven (7) other countries (England, France, Belgium; Luxembourg, Israel, Brazil  and Holland). ] The 6-3 decision remains the most direct recognition by the United States Supreme Court of the rights of a Holocaust survivor to reclaim stolen artwork many years after the destruction of Hitler’s evil Third Reich. See Republic of Austria v. Altmann, 541 U.S. 677 (2004).

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