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AnDrew Heldut

Founder/Chairman &

Director of the Chicago Office


Attorney Andrew Heldut is an Associate Attorney at McGuire Law, P.C., a top leading class action litigation law firm located in downtown Chicago with a focus on protecting the rights of American consumers nationwide. Some of the cases include the Flint Michigan water crisis and various data privacy cases such as biometrics & data breaches. 

During his undergraduate study in Scotland, Andrew wanted to give back in some way. He met a Ghanaian student, Fidelis, who told him his village is in crucial need of water, because the government is slow to act and most likely will never act. Andrew was told that people are getting sick, drinking water out of the same stream that is shared with their livestock. The water would completely dry-out during the dry-season, leaving people without any water for months until the wet season would return. By acknowledging that government denying people clean drinking water is a violation of human rights, Andrew immediately got to action raising funds for the project with his assembled university team. Unfortunately, not enough money was raised to send the whole team. Andrew realized it's now or never. He called up his parents and told them he's not coming back for Christmas. Instead he flew by himself to Ghana to execute the project. Andrew successfully completed the one-man mission, culminating in the creation of his international venture called the Sustainable Village Initiative dealing with development and women empowerment issues in Ghana.


Andrew has also been involved in the blockchain arena since 2013. Now the President of the Government Blockchain Association, Chicago Chapter, the GBA has been bringing business and political leaders, policy makers, and non-governmental organizations together with the aim of making government more efficient and transparent.

Andrew is Polish-American born in Chicago. His parents migrated from Poland to Chicago in the 1980s. Fluent in Polish, Andrew was the Vice-President of the Polish-American Law Association at his law school. In law school, Andrew joined the John Marshall Pro Bono Law Clinic which provides free legal services to those who cannot afford legal representation. Andrew handled vast amount of cases including civil rights, prisoner rights, post-conviction relief, expungements & sealing, fair housing issues, foreclosure defense, estates & trusts, and veteran cases.

Heldut is active in U.S. politics, amongst having interned for Minority Whip Senator Dick Durbin where he dealt directly with many Illinois constituents, including immigration and veteran help.

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